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Trained 9000+ Students 

9,000+ students trained over past 1 year. UDTS was launched on 31st March 2018. Not only students, investors and traders from nook & corner of India have purchased it and are satisfied. Even institutional clients like dealers, RM’s advisors, consultants, brokers, sub brokers and franchises has huge fan following.

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85,000+ subscribers based on loyal, dedicated and inquisitive for learning base. Such base is so good for an organization as these are the ones who make the process of learning an enriching experience. Knowledge is power for these subscribers. The positive comment from these subscribers gives you the best motivation.

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UDTS© is popular in even 151+ countries.

And shows that UDTS© is a diversal product is applicable in all the markets and in all intervals.

The knowledge and learners knows the no boundaries and this is our greatest motivation.

About the UDTS©

UDTS is a systematic mechanism to profit maximization and risk management. The trading strategy is named as Unidirectional Trade Strategies (UDTS) a unique trading model that focuses on the core mechanism of Intraday Trading, Positional Trading, and Long-Positional Trading.

The course is divided in three parts.

Basics : Learn stock trading basics and rules to trade in Indian Stock Market. Even if you are a beginner you can go ahead with this course.

Analytics: Master resources to analyse Stock Market Behaviour and Trends. Make view Bullish or Bearish and conform using various parameters.

Applicability : Once you are aware of Technicals tools and Fundamental aspect, one must know how to apply this knowledge in live market and analyse it immediately and make necessary action to Buy, Hold, Sell in live market. Examples shown in videos in live market will make you 100% sure about your trade and trading style.

This course benefits all Tradres, Investors, Beginners, Students, Relationship Managers, Dealers, and people working in Financial Sector .


Join a revolutionary trading model based on the application of technical analysis the most powerful robust trading strategies in combination  to using the science of technical analysis to win stocks.

What Makes UDTS© So Popular

Uni-Directional-Trade-Strategies Course

Point 1

UDTS© is world’s simplistic strategy for traders.

Point 2

UDTS© teaches a common man how to trade without cumbersome tools of technical analysis.

Point 3

UDTS© a bunch of 9 unmatched trading strategies.

Point 4

UDTS© works in all segments capital markets, F&O, commodity and currency.

Point 5

UDTS© Based on basic market behaviour of demand and supply.

Point 6

UDTS© teaches you to generate your own trading calls.

Point 7

UDTS© is emotionless trading mechanism.

Point 8

UDTS© gives high probability with simplicity and accuracy.


NO ANALYST WORLDOVER CAN CHALLENGE IFMCians for their intraday calls.

Course Content of UDTS©

Why Should You Join ?

Why Should You Join ?
  • Simplifies trading strategy of demand and supply.
  • Empower to make more disciplined investment decisions and manage risk.
  • Excellent understanding of tools and techniques used by professional traders.
  • Trade with a mechanism and check the right parameters for accurate trading.
  • Promote confidence to trade in the stock market.

Who Can Take This Course?

Who Can Take This Course - UDTS.in
  • Individuals who want to learn how to predict the market using advanced technical analysis of stocks in financial markets.
  • Intermediate investors who want to learn most accurate intraday trading techniques to trade in Stock Market.
  • People who want to generate income during Intraday or day trading.
  • Beginners level traders looking to understand simple tools an techniques used by professional traders in Indian stock market.
  • Suited for sole traders who want to earn consistent profits.

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